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Aussies and a Scot

Posted by cosmicfish on 2004-06-10 17:22:27
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yes i said epidose...

crazyness in the borough:

last night a bunch of guys who work here at the lovely st.christophers in london, had a goodbye party as they left this morning for a whirlwind tour of europe. i went to bed early because i am a good girl. 5:40 am the scottish assitant manager bursts into the staff room and yells at the aussies guy, luke, who is going on the tour that there is a cab waiting for him downstairs to take him to the tour bus which is due to leave in 20 minutes and is more than 20 mintues away. scottish assitant manager seems curiously more angrey then one should be in this situation... i roll over and go back to sleep.

one hour later: the new guy, from tazmania, rolls into the room. today was his first day at work and he spent the night passed out in the toilet. he also fell off the top bunk and didn't realize it.

three hours later: the manager comes in to inform us that the scottish assitant manager has been charged with assult and is in jail for puching a canadain guy staying in the hostel. he is *probably* going to be fired.

i broke down and trimmed my bangs (or fringe) back to what they were and the manager told me i look like a lego girl. it's a good thing i don't have feelings.

for all of you i will brainstorm some tips for uk hostel living:

1) never leave your room without shoes, never ever.

2) make friends with the barmen for free drinks

3) make sweet love with a barman for a job

4) earplugs are nice for sleeping amongst snoring and snogging

5) flip-flops (thongs) are the ultimate accessories amongst australians and (whoa alliteration) have the added bonus of protecting your wiggies from foot fungus in the shower

6) a digital camera is good for remembering what you've done the previous night

7) try your best not to start out a conversation by asking where someone is from

8) the off licence can provide you with your every need, from phone cards to orange juice to stella artois to fly spray

  3 forum posts