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Your thoughts on the upcoming election

Posted by kristian on 2004-06-11 14:59:00
12 forum posts
So here's what I'm thinking, and I am not trying to influence anyone or offend anyone, just my personal opinion, looking for advice from like-minded people.

Stephen Harper is, as far as I can tell, George W.'s MiniMe. The man outright scares me. Now not that I think Paul Martin is all that great, but he's not as bad as Harper. And Jack Layton's moustache just freaks me out. So I would be most likely to vote Green as I feel their policies best represent my views and what I think is important.

But c'mon now...Green Party? I was reading they are projecting to win 2 seats in beautiful British Columbia, but that's about it.

So the question is, do I vote liberal just to oppose the Conservatives even though I may not fully support the Liberals? Or do I vote for what I truely believe in and essentailly throw away my vote?

Does any of this really matter? I feel defeated.

  12 forum posts