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Fact or Fiction? About the Election

Posted by phduffy on 2004-06-22 20:48:00
3 forum posts
Sometimes it's hard to figure out what's true and what's not when it comes to elections.
So I am going to help you out!
Let's play Fact or Fiction!

Fact or Fiction:
Stephen Harper wants to privatize Health Care

Well, both really, it depends what you mean. Right now, most (but not all) health care is delivered by the provincial governments, which administers everything. What some people think, is that we should allow the private sector (say Hospitals Inc) to build and run a hospital. But they'll get their money from the government, and anyone would still be able to go, there wouldn't be any of the two tiered stuff you hear about. Some people worry that it would be the first step towards two tiers though.

Fact or Fiction:
The Liberals wasted $1 billion on HRDC, $2 billion on the Gun Registry, and $250 million on the Sponsorship Scandal

False. The $1 billion for HRDC went all over the country to pay for various job creation projects. The accounting on it sucked, and some seems to have been lost.
The gun registry has cost $1 billion. Which is a fucking ton of money for something that was only supposed to cost $20 million, so you'd think that that would be enough. The auditor general said there was the potential for there to be another billion wasted.
The Sponsorship Scandal includes money that went to anti smoking programs that have been considered hugely sucessfull. They've now been cancelled. The scandal involves money (we're not sure how much) that went to Liberal friendly ad firms to try to sell Canada in Quebec.

Fact or Fiction:
The Green Party is full of hippies
False. There's hippies in the Green party, but there's also a surprising number of Red Tories. This accounts for their position on deficits and fiscal matters.

Fact or Fiction:
The Conservatives Budget Plan is realistic
False. They promise to cut taxes, increase spending to Health Care, and fund massive increases to the military.
When you hear things like that, you need to do a quick head check.
Question? Does that make any goddamn sense?
Answer: Nope.

Fact or Fiction:
The NDP Budget Plan is realistic
False. They promise to cut the GST on essential services (like food and tampons), increase spending on Health Care, increase spending on education, and spend more on everything. Except for the military. The NDP is in a good position, as they know that they'll never be in power, so they can promise everything under the sun and never have to worry being called on it.
When you hear things like that, you need to do a quick head check.
Question? Does that make any goddamn sense?
Answer: Nope.

Fact or Fiction:
The LIberal Budget Plan is realistic
Ambigious. On the one hand, they've balanced budgets for years now. On the other hand, they've promised to increase child care spending a couple of times now, and they haven't been able to get anywhere.

Fact or Fiction:
The Conservatives will ban gay marriage and abortion

Almost assuredly fiction. No matter how much any party might want to ban these things, it's pretty much impossible. Any law they pass will be thrown out by the courts. They might be able to delay the onset of the gay marriage laws, but they are happening, no matter what they think about it. There's a small chance that they could use the notwithstanding clause, but no matter Stephen Harper's personal thoughts, he's too smart a dude to do this.

Fact or Fiction:
If Stephen Harper had been the PM a year ago, we’d be in the war in Iraq.
Harper is now trying to say that he was only going to send the troops to Iraq before the war started as some sort of support, but that’s retarded. We’d be in the war.

Okay, that's it for now. Perhaps I'll post more later.
  3 forum posts