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Top Three!

Posted by weberm1 on 2004-06-23 12:21:15
2 forum posts
Ok, i see lists here that contain the best of the best, but never the worst of the worst. This was supposed to be a top 5 list, but i could only think of three bands/artists that really annoy me.
It should be mentioned that all three cause me to turn the radio off and listen to nothing at all.

Here you go.....
3) Britney Spears - Seriously, are her 15 minutes of fame not over yet? I have never seen such a fake entertainer, i just wish she would make up her mind. Are you an innocent virgin, or a slut? I think we all know the answer to this.....

2) Simple Plan - Not sure what it is about these guys, but they bother me. They always have, but seeing them at Warped last year turned me right off. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT threaten to beat up people in the crowd that could seriously kill you. That can't be a wise choice. And if you feel the need to threaten a biker guy, don't do it in a pink t-shirt.

1) Nickleback - Oh, what to say about them? They are overplayed, and quite frankly, don't seem that talented. Mind you, who am i to say, i can't play a guitar, so maybe they are better than me. All the songs sound the same, and get rediculous amounts of airplay.

Oh, I apologize to any people who may be a fan of any of these people, it's just my opinion.
  2 forum posts