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Review of the Station Agent

Posted by phduffy on 2004-06-27 15:51:06
I finally got around to seeing The Station Agent.

The Station Agent stars Peter Dinklage as a young man that inherits an old train station. He moves into the Train Station and starts to develop a relationship with some of the people in his town (Newfoundlad New Jersey).

The catch is that his character (Fin) is a ..., okay I'm not sure what the correct term is. He says that he's not a midget, so I guess it's Dwarf?
Dwarves/midgets are pretty much the only segment of society that it's still acceptable to mock on TV and in movies. You can mock the way a midget lives in ways that you could never get away with if it was about Blacks or Jews, etc.

Anyways, Fin is a pretty quiet dude that doens't make friends very easily. Which may be brought on by a life of constantly being mocked. (In the film we see people openly stare at him, take his picture, ask him where Snow White is, etc). And I imagine that's probably what it's like if you're a Dwarf. (I am going to capitalize the word Dwarf. I don't know why).

So, Fin moves to his new town, and his house is next to a truck that sells burgers and fries and stuff. Joe is currently running the truck for his sick dad. Joe tries to become friends with Fin, but Fin doesn't really want any new friends. Luckily for him, Joe doesn't stop trying. At the same time as Joe is trying to befriend him, Olivia almost runs him over twice. This leads to her also trying to befriend Fin. Again, at first Fin isn't that interested. However, Olivia and Joe are both persistent, and the three of them become friends.

Fin begins to open up to Joe and Olivia, and he shares his love of trains with them. Olivia reveals that she recently lost her only son and is seperated from her husband.

The movie continues to explore the relationship among the three characters, and with Jenn from Dawson's Creek thrown in as well. We see that people can be dicks, and that relationships are complex. Which certainly isn't a shock to anyone, but it was nice to see some complex relationships presented in a movie.

Worth a rental.

Fin befriends a young girl named Cleo, who doesn't really seem to understand that he's an adult that's kid sized.