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Review of Bad Santa

Posted by phduffy on 2004-06-27 19:05:35
Bad Santa (or Badder Santa, I'm not sure which one I had) stars Billy Bob Thorton as a drunk womanizing mall Santa Clause, who, along with his partner (a black Dwarf) work at malls, then rob them Christmas eve.

Basically, Thorton is rude to kids and swears at them, hence the hilarity. Swearing at kids is fun! He ends up working at John Ritter's mall. Now, Ritter doesn't like him and wants to figure out how to get him fired. When he catches him having **** sex with a fat woman at the big and tall store (sorry for the graphic nature of the review, but in the movie they emphasize that he likes to have **** sex with fat women)
Anyways, they play the Dwarf/race card, and manage to save their jobs.

Then, Thornton ends up living at the house of a kid that thinks he actually is Santa. His mom is dead, and his dad is in jail. His grandmother is insane, and that's who he lives with. So Billy Bob basically tells the kid that he's a retard. That's their relationship. Then BBT starts dating a bartender (one of the Gilmore Girls) that has a thing for having sex with Santa.

So they all continue on their merry little hijinks. However, one Mr. Bernie Mac starts investigating them. See, he's the chief of MALL SECURITY, and Ritter asked him to look into these punks.

Now, here's the thing. Bernie Mac is a funny funny man. And one day a movie will come out that shows how funny he is. However, that movie hasn't happened yet. You can see the seeds of his awesomeness in this movie, but it doesn't quite get to the pinacle of his hilarity.

While alot of the humour in this movie revolves around BBT yelling at kids, or Dwarves, it's still kind of funny.

Worth a rental.

BBT teaches the kid he's living with how to fight.
The key? Kick the other guy in the nuts.