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Monty Burns = Evil?

Posted by nerhael on 2004-07-07 20:29:48
2 forum posts
I'm watching The Simpsons today, and it's the one about the 'Flying Hellfish' blah blah blah. And it's the confrontation between grandpa and Monty, and Burns has the upper hand.

Granpa turns to Burns and says "You can take the treasure, you can hurt me, but don't hurt the boy!", and Burns replies with a "I'd rather do both." There is a pause, then Burns kciks Bart into a chest, which tumbles into the water, pretty much killing Bart sanc heroic efforts on the part of granpa.

My question is this:

Has Burns ever really done anything on quite that level of assured evil? Like...blocking out the sun is evil...but eccentric mostly. I can't really think of any episodes where he's that cold hearted in his actions.
  2 forum posts