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Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Posted by nerhael on 2004-07-21 22:38:45
8 forum posts
This past weekend, we rented Mega Man Anniversary Collection for PS2, which has on it Mega Man's 1-8 and two bonus things, the nature of which I know nothing.

Playing seemed simple. Walk the 20 feet across to Blockbuster, rent game, walk 20 feet back, put disc in player, and go.

Oh god, if only it were that simple.

Game is inserted, PS2 loads up, and we get a cutesy little animation of Gutsman commanding some Metall's to carve up a rock to be the Capcom branded sign. (Metall's are those dudes with the hard-hats.) Then this monkey in a space suit comes on stage, and picks a mega man arm cannon, and starts play shooting around, then up in the air, at which point a grappling hook shoots out, hits the moon, and pulls him up, which is translated into another branding exercise for I think the production company that put the game out. Who they were....I don't remember.

We got to see these scenes about 20 times over the next 30 minutes.

We tried to skip those scenes, but the controller wasn't being recognized.

Another controller was plugged in, one for a PSX. But no, it wasn’t being recognized either.

After much fiddling around with the two controllers and the ports, we decided that perhaps the controller was broken. We then waited a while for another controller arrived.

Success, after 45 mins, we could now get past the start screen, and skip those damned branding scenes.

I'd never played Mega Man the original before, and was quite excited to finally play the game that started the series. I'd heard of Gutsman, Iceman, Fireman, Cut man, Elec Man, and um....ah... Who 'was' the other guy? I can’t remember.

Anyhow. Mega Man 1 was quite possibly one of the most frustrating games I've played since Ninja Gaiden came out on XBox... Duffy can attest to the horrors that game put us through. We got through four of the 6 guys I think, though maybe only 3. And then gave up while trying to complete Iceman, the frigid ass. After listening to cries of “Give up, on to 2” about twice every five minutes, I finally did just that. And we started on what is unarguably the best of the series. All thanks to one simple weapon.

The metal blades.

They cost less energy than most weapons.

They go in 8 different directions: up, down, left, right, and in each diagonal.

They’re fast.


We went through the game relatively fast, but the end stages proved harder than memory suggested.

Anyhow, the only other one we finished was 3, and we got through 7 of 8 guys in 4. Beyond that, nothing else was done.

I will say though that playing older games does two things:

  1. Brings back the memories

  2. Reminds you that older games had amazing gameplay, and craptastic graphics, meanwhile, it’s completely the opposite in the newer games

I think this went a bit to hell at the end, but blarg. Play this game if you enjoyed mega man, it’s great to play them all.
  8 forum posts