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Review of Troy

Posted by phduffy on 2004-08-11 21:54:16
I'm a big fan of the Epic film, and I like Brad Pitt (I tend to think he's underrated), so when I had the chance to see the two come together on cheap Tuesday at the cheapie movie theatre, I said Heck Yes!

For those of you that don't know, Troy is based on the famous Greek Tragedy. The basic plot is this: Greece has recently become united under the King of Kings (Megadean? no, that's not right... shit, I don't remember). His brother um... I don't remember his name, is married to Helen of Sparta. The Trogans, led by Prince Hector and his brother Paris are visiting the brother. Paris falls in love with Helen and convinces her to go with him and become Helen of Troy. This pisses off her husband, but pleases his brother, as it finally gives him an excuse to invade Troy.

I guess this is the third consecutive movie I've reviewed that's not based on an original script.

Of course, to invade Troy he'll need the world's greatest warrior, Achilles (enter Brad Pitt). Achilles has no love for the king, but is convinced by his friend the King of Ithica (remember, the main dude is the king of kings. So there's other kings, but he rules them) to participate. Not for the king, but so his name will live forever in history.

Okay, that's the setup. So then the Greeks go to Troy, and there's lots of sieging, and cursing the gods, and warring.
If you read yesterday's Advice you'll know that the website profiled that guy from the movies. Well this movie is full of that guy. The Kings and the paupers are all that guy.

As much as I like Brad Pitt, I don't think that this was his best role. This script was written so that all the main players speak like Shakespearean actors. Fuck, it's a greek tragedy, Shakespeare stole all his ideas, and many of them were stolen from the Greeks.
Anyways, I didn't always buy Pitt in this role. He certainly looks the role, I just wasn't a fan of his acting.

Action SuperStar Orlando Bloom is Paris, and he plays the same sort of pussy action guy that he always plays.

Eric Bana (The Hulk) plays Hector, and he's awesome.

Okay, remember, this is Greek Tragedy. If you remember your high school English, you're recognize all kinds of things. You'll see everyone's fatal flaws. And you'll probably want to smake people in the face. As far as I can tell, Hector's biggest problem is that his dad is an idiot, all the priests are idiots, his brother is a idiot multiple times, hell, even Brad Pitt's cousin is an idiot, and that screws Hector.

This was an interesting movie, but not a great one. It's well shot and reasonably well acted, but the resolution isn't great. And that's not anyone's fault, it's a 3000 year old story. However, there's a crucial plot point in the middle (well, more towards the end I guess) that sort of deflates the rest of the movie. Even the famous horse isn't all that inspiring when it shows up.

Worth a rental.

For the Children:
It was ancient Greece. You didn't want to be a little kid.