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Sophistication in Election Software

Posted by nerhael on 2004-09-24 06:58:21
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I just read an article about a group in the US called the "Black Box Voters" that are against the proposed electronic voting system that they plan on using in 30 or so states this coming election.
The Diebold central tabulators use a program called "GEMS" that saves vote totals in Microsoft Access, a Windows-based database program.

GEMS (search) requires users to enter a password to access the vote totals, but Harris showed that the totals can also be opened -- and altered -- with Access, without ever running GEMS.

First off, Access? They're using that to save election data for the election for the next president of the United States of America? Jebus exclamation #1.

Second, that second paragraph is beautiful. So they have an Access DB on the client computer, and um....ANYONE CAN OPEN IT AND MUCK AROUND WITH IT.

Okay, yes, they have a password protected front layer over it, but that's virtually useless if anyone can go in and screw around with the results.

I know some of the rest of you have worked in government, and I've heard other stories about government spending and projects they've pursued, so tell me some stories of other things you've seen/heard of that when described, sounded like someone was completely out of their fucking mind for going through with it.

Source Articles:,2933,133214,00.html
  2 forum posts