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Why are people so pissed off about this?

Posted by phduffy on 2004-10-21 12:44:06
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So the Ontario government announces theyr'e going to ban the sale of junk food at elementary schools.

I figure, oh. No big deal.

But last night on TV people were going frigging insane about it.

McLean, a weird dude that has a show in Waterloo (That Aaron Lee-Wudrick was on once) went off his fucking rocker about it. Big Brogher this, taking the responsibility of being a parent this...

Is there anyone out there that's all that pissed off about this? If so, why?

I mean, people say that it's taking the decisions away from the parents, I don't see that. They're not banning junk food at schools, they're banning the sale of junk food at schools (at least, that's how I understand it). So you can still send your kid to school with all kinds of badness.

As for the financial argument, well elementary schools don't get nearly the amount of money from this stuff that high schools do, so it shouldn't be a big deal.
  1 forum posts