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Review of Saw

Posted by phduffy on 2004-11-03 10:17:05
Despite the fact that I'm by no means a horror movie fan (I can't even remember the last horro movie I saw, yet alone the last one I saw and liked), I got dragged to the movie Saw on Tuesday night. (Aside: Tuesday night isn't cheap night at Galaxy anymore, it's 10 bucks every night of the week).

The premise is this: two guys wake up in a room, chained to posts on opposite sides of the room. They each have a tape, and it turns out that in order to escape, Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Carrie Elwes) will have to kill Adam, the other dude in the cell. They're given saws, but the saws are too small to cut through their chains or the pipe... they can only be used to cut through their own legs.

While there, Dr. Gordon tells Adam about the jigsaw serial killer, a man that puts his victimes in elaborate traps, in which it's possible to save themselves, but only if they perform some horrible act. Dr. Gordon was questioned by the Po-Leece after the last murder. And the police officer happens to be one Danny Glover. This lead my party to sit through the movie saying "He's gettin' too old for this shit!" every time his character showed up on screen.

I don't want to go into too much depth into the plot, because that sort of defeats the purpose.

As a horror movie, how did this do? Well, I guess there were some scary parts, due to the graphic nature of the elaborate traps that are set up. And there were other parts that were completely predictable, and yet somewhat scary.

As a movie though, I had a harder time with it. The characters in this movie make some very stupid mistakes. (To paraphrase Eddie Murphy 'White Boy! Get The Fuck Out the House!)

Furthermore, upon reflection, there are some scenes that just don't make any sense. At one point I thought Chewbacca should show up and start talking to the Ewoks kind of sense. Not having seen enough horror movies, I don't really know what to compare this too. Apparently it's original, and not ripped off from some other country though. It was kind of like... take Seven, and then instead of making it a cool drama in the mood of Silence of the Lambs, make it a horror movie. If Seven was a horror movie, it might have come out something like this.

Oh yeah, I thik they were going for a cool twist ending, but I'm pretty sure that this ending took the retarded factor and turned it up several notches.

Overall, I guess this was decent, but probably not the scariest thing I saw Tuesday night (Oh! Biting Commentary!)

For the Children: He's a serial killer, so you know he has some Clown Costumes.