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Review of Anger Management

Posted by phduffy on 2003-10-15 23:06:27
Anger Management is the film that finally answers the question: What would happen if we teamed up three time acadamy award winner Jack Nicholson with three time SNL movie veretan Adam Sandler. The answer? A crappy movie no better than any other Sandler movie.

Wasn't there a time when Adam Sandler movies were funny? Were Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore funny, or was it that I was just to stupid to realize that they sucked?

Anyways, this moive concerns mild mannered Sandler being set up in a serious of increasing ridiculous and unamusing situations where he doesn't really get angry but then gets in trouble for it. This leads to him needing the guidance of one Buddy Rydell, played by Jack himself. Buddy decides that Sandler needs intense anger management, which means that Buddy moves in with him for more unfunny antics.

That's pretty much all there is to this movie. There's a part in the previews that for some reason I thought involved Will Farell, but it's actually the dude from Magnolia, and it's totally predictable and unfunny. That is a constant theme of this movie.

The conclusion of the movie is more or less predictable, although it does have a half assed plot twist that is worse than the hideous horrible ending of the Game. Well okay, nothing's that bad.

Since we haven't developed any sort of scale here at thewolfshack, i'm going to leave it at this. This movie sucks, don't waste your time.