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Posted by miguel on 2003-10-16 19:58:19

A flick thats the very definition of "gritty". Its shot in Detroit, not the cleanest or nicest of cities around, and it stars Ray Liotta, who for all his awesomeness, is not what youd call "pretty". One look at him and youre all "DAMN! Now here's a guy who won't put up with any BOUWLSHIT!" Remember in Goodfellas when Ray sarts dating that Jewish chick and her ex roughs her up a little? Ray introduced that sucka's face to a pistol whipping party real bullshit allowed in Mr. Liottas house.....none.

Oh yeah and Jason Patric is also present, and hes pretty good as the sensible Pink Power Ranger to Ray's fiery, apocalyptic Red Power Ranger. He is probably best known for his critically acclaimed role in Speed 2.

Heres another sweet thing about this movie, its totally channeling those amazing 70's hardcore cop flicks like French Connection or Serpico. The whole movie is like a timewarp into better times for police officers as depicted in film. You could smoke all sorts of criminal trash without worrying about those crusty bastards in Internal Affairs.

And finally, if you really needed another reason to watch this movie, it taught me a valuable lesson about using a loaded shotgun as a gigantic bong.

All in all its a perfectly decent, borderline awesome crime flick that would make a great double billing with Dark Blue, another crime yarn that I will get around to reviewing....eventually.