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Movie Reviews!

Posted by weberm1 on 2004-11-24 14:03:31
i had to write this in honour of all the wonderful b movies i have seen in the last two weeks.

#1 Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Such a wonderful movie! The plot is just as you guessed it, Clowns arrive in their alien spaceship/fun house/torture house to capture people and surround them in a cotton candy cocoon. Don't be fooled, that is NOT a good thing. And these 'klowns' reek havoc at a quick pace. For some reason, they keep some hot chicks in giant balloons, maybe for some potential loving later on?

This movie has everything. Slutty clown girls, attacking popcorn, and a Godzilla sized clown. Pretty predictable overall, but in a very funny way. All of those wonderful bad movie clich├ęs.

Go rent it now!

#2 Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

This movie i actually found on tv, and wasn't sure it would be good, but the two hours flew by.

The basic plot is that Jesus Christ needs to come kick some serious vampire ass. And in doing so, he decides to get a make over, ride a skateboard and do a little musical number.

This movie is full of really bad fight scenes. Kung-fu type fight scenes, truly humorous. You know when a movie has a priest with a huge mohawk, and so many vampire lesbians, it's going to be an instant hit!

Fun fact, filmed in ottawa! Well, the priest is reading an ottawa paper in the beginning and it looks canadien! Maybe i shouldn't assume though.

#3 Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town

This immediately followed Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and was the perfect way to end an evening. Plot: A group of biker chicks, called the 'Cycle Sluts' arrive in a little town to cause trouble, and sleep with random people.

Surprise surprise, they get into too much trouble and soon find themselves needing to fight off zombies with the locals. The zombies are actually created by a mad scientist type, though i'm not sure why. Probably just because he's mad, seems a good explanation.

And the best part, a very young Billy Bob Thorton is in this.

Ok, that's it for now. Maybe i'll add more another day.