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Review of Ocean's 12

Posted by phduffy on 2004-12-20 00:52:13
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I'm lazy, so I'm going to kind of phone in the next three reviews. No links or anything.

Anyways, Ocean's 12. Sequel to Ocean's 11.

Basically, somehow Andy Garcia found out where everyone that ripped him off in the first movie is, so he finds them and tells them that they have to pay him back with interest, or he'll kill them.

So, they all get together, realize that they have to fly to Europe, cause they're too hot in the US. So they do, except for the old guy.

They go to Amsterdam, and Brad Pitt runs into an old ex (Catherine Zeta Jones) of his that works for Interpol tracking down thieves, and is on to his game.

So, the crew starts with small robberies, only to find out that there's the potential for a bigger one...

Anyways, I don't want to give away too much of the plot, because I guess the point of these movies is the twists and stuff that it takes.

The movie starts out well. People are dressing in nice clothes and the dialogue is kind of quirky and funny. They get to Europe and things dont' go quite as planned, but it's still interesting. However, I think that once there the writers sort of trapped themselves. They needed some sort of 'cool' twists to keep up with expectations from the first movie, but instead the twists are completely retarded and unbelievable.

Now, I realize that this is a heist movie, and I'm willing to suspend some of my disbelief. But not so much that the entire plot of the movie vanishes upon minor inspection of the ridiculous holes, or twits that don't make any sense at all.

Towards the end the film just gets a little too cute and self referencial. There's a plot point with Julia Roberts that I kind of saw coming, that while it seems cool at first, just leads to the impression that they just wanted to hang out in Europe and joke around.

On the bright side, Bruce Willis is in it, and everyone he talks to says "Yeah, I figured it out. Once you talked had dinner with her and she didn't say anything, I knew". But besides that, he really doesn't add anything.

This is definitely a rental, don't spend your money on it.


I have been very very scared of the new Batman movie. It seems like there's way too many people in it for it to possibly be good.

Well, before Ocean's 12 there's a preview for the new Batman movie.

I almost wept.

(With joy)
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