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South East Asia Crisis

Posted by kristian on 2004-12-30 12:10:22
2 forum posts
Hi guys;

I hope that you all had a good holiday season, and that this message finds you in good health and good spirits. I am sure that you are all aware of the grave devestation that has occured as a result of the tsunami/earthquake in south east Asia. I had been sitting here thinking, "wow, that's terrible, I should do something to help", then continued on with my day, only returning to those thoughts briefly when I heard something on the news or whatever. A friend at work emailed me the link below to make it that much easier for me to actually do something, to make a donation. I urge you follow the link below to the Doctors Without Borders foundation and make a donation, whatever is within your means, to help the millions of people that have been affected by this disaster.

At this point, we all stop being a citizen of a specific country, be it Canada, United States, Malaysia or Sri Lanka, and become a citizen of the world. I believe that it is our duty, being the "have's" to give what we can to help the "have not's". I'm sure most of us would find it difficult to imagine day to day life in the affected countries under normal circumstances, and the thought of trying to recouperate from such travesty is overwhelming. You may think you are poor, just scraping by, can't really afford to donate anything right now. Bullshit. You can give something. Even if we all gave $5 then forwarded this on to friends, the money would add up quickly. Please, in keeping with the holiday spirit, and just the everyday compassion that is within all of us, please visit the website above (or any other website or donation medium) and give to the millions of people who need your help.


PS. I have never just started a random charitable email before, but I really think this is important.
  2 forum posts