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I can't find the post I want

Posted by Katie on 2005-01-18 12:54:48
3 forum posts
So, in response to Paul's repeated questions regarding Vegas, I have a challenge for him, and anyone who has decided to join him.

The story behind the challenge is this: a coworker of mine (read: boss) just returned from Vegas, where the highlight of his 5 days was waking up at 10am saturday morning, and immediately starting to drink. He continued drinking for 24 HOURS!!!! That means that he didn't stop for any length of time longer than 20 minutes. i.e, he always had a drink in hand. Apparently he got on a role at a craps table sometime around midnight, and the next time he looked, it was light outside. So he stumbled to a cab at 10:30am, went back to his hotel, and woke up at 1pm to watch football.

Now, he doesn't believe that many people can match this test of strength. I, however, believe in you Paul, and any of your friends.

So the challenge is on. Can you match or surpass this feat of drinking and endurance? I realize that no solid proof will be available, but drunken stories of your hijinks over the 24 hours will be accepted.

By the way, good times are guaranteed during the competition. Obviously.
  3 forum posts