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Two Very Quick Reviews

Posted by phduffy on 2005-01-26 21:58:21
4 forum posts
Life Aquatic is Wes Anderson's new Bill Murray movie.

Murray basically plays Jacques Cousteau as he attempts to make one last movie detailing his hunt for the Tiger Shark, the shark that killed his best friend.

Owen Wilson also stars as the potential son of Murray.
Willem Dafoe is in the movie, although I don't know why. He's pretty underused.

Like Anderson's other movies, this one is funny, but not laugh out loud funny. Sort of sigh and smile funny.

Worth seeing.

In Good Company Stars Dennis Quiad as a 51 year old magazine executor who finds out that his magazine has been bought, and that 26 year old Topher Grace (Eric from that 70's Show) is his new boss.

Eric then starts dating Quiad's daughter, Scarlett Johanson. Although that's not really what the movie is about.

I'm kind of sick of movies where the beautiful young woman doesn't realize how beautiful she is (like here, or in American Beauty were Thora Birch complains that her breasts aren't big enough), but that's actually pretty much true of alot of the pretty young women I know. So whatever.

This movie's fun.
Also worth seeing.
  4 forum posts