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Wal Mart

Posted by noodle on 2005-02-15 16:37:23
3 forum posts
So Karlene and I popped into the local Wal Mart to make a few purchases, mostly candy. When we went to pay we chose the ever popular no line cash register. We then proceeded to lay down our wares and began the ring out process.

As our purchasing was drawing to a close we were subjected to the following conversation:

Crazy French-Speaking Weirdo (with a creepy grin and crazy eyes): Hello, how are you today?
Me: Hey, I'm pretty good, how are you?
CFSW: Not bad thanks.
*My Debit card is now being put through and we're standing waiting for the receipt*
CFSW: Do you speak French?
Karlene: No.
Me: I know a little bit of the French!
CFSW: Have you lived here forever?
Karlene: I don't even live here.
Me: No, I've only lived here for a year.
*CFSW hands us the receipt and we are readying ourselves to leave when...*
CFSW (with a little wave of his hand): Bon Soir!!!

We then stared at him for a few seconds and left promptly.

Later on in the car:

Me: What the hell was that?

  3 forum posts