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New Autechre

Posted by sarah on 2005-02-23 12:10:08
2 forum posts
" As is often the case in our gleefully file-sharing age, several tracks from the new album have already reportedly leaked, leading to a mind-numbing debate as to whether they're fake or authentic. A tracklist suppoosedly straight from the horse's mouth (that would be Autechre member Sean Booth) has been floating around on various Autechre fansites, but we'll spare you that idle gossip for now.

A tad more certain is Autechre's plans for spring. The band will be touring in Europe starting April 14 before heading over to see the sights of the U.S. in May, after which they'll reportedly head over to Japan. DJ Rob Hall is along for the ride for the duration of the tour, while some European shows will see DJ Mark Broom as an opener; still others will see SND play a live set in the same slot. Finally, Autechre has also already lined up for some European summer festivals, which, if nothing else, proves the band really really doesn't like time off. The fun is slated to coincide with Untilted's release, so until then we can all keep speculating on how the fake leaked tracks will sound in concert"

they are playing at the Opera House in Toronto on May 11, with DJ Rob Hall (I don't know who this is)
  2 forum posts