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Book Review

Posted by phduffy on 2005-03-03 01:22:10
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I'm going to briefly talk about a sf book i read. Actually, two of them.

I should have broader tastes, I know. Blah blah blah.

Anyways, in between the first 3 and last 3 books of Peter Hamilton's insane Night's Dawn Trilogy, i read:

Gridlinked by Neal Asher

Another one of the new age of British SF that starts with Iain Banks, and contains the above mentioned Hamilton, Alastair Reynods, etc. (If you want more I'll give them to you, but I think i've already done that somewhere)

Anyways, this is sort of like James Bond in the future. THere's two plots, one about the mission that this agent is on, to prevent a catastrophe, and the other is about the quest of a crazy terrorist to find and kill him. Although, his point of view is told my a mercenary that works for said terrorist.

One thing I liked about this is that the government is sort of a totaltarian type thing run by a giant computer in the middle of the earth, and the terrorists are from an earth colony, and they're sick of the earth telling them what to do.
However... the terrorists are still the bad guys, which isn't what i've come to expect is this genre.

Now, this book is pretty typical, nothing mindblowing. But it was a nice quick read.

Book the Second:

The Iron Dragon's Daughter by Michael Swanwick.

Now, this is original.
The story starts in a dragon factory, where Jane, our lead, works as an indentured child making dragons, in a factory run by trolls and ogres, for their elven overlords. She and her fellow children (of which she's the only human, or 'changeling') plot ways to get out of the factory, including stealing one of the dragons.

The start of this kicked serious ass. An entire novel set in this industrial world would have been tremendous.

Unfortunately, Jane escapes the factory relatively early on... and the novel sort of stalls. We see more of the depraved world she lives in, but the overwhelming plot is underwhelming.

There's alot left unanswered in this novel, and that didn't really bother me. One thing I did find cool is that after reading this book, I went online to try to figure out what had happened. And I had a theory, which I didn't see anywhere else, but which wasn't contradticted by anything else either.

  6 forum posts