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Forum posts for Europe

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 08, 2005
Let's Go or Lonely Planet.

Also, I recommend climbing Aurthur's Seat in Edinburgh since it is free and beautiful.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 08, 2005
I second the nominatio of Let's Go.

Mine is all beat up, and I love it.

Posted by sarah on Mar 08, 2005
lonley planet.

you can't go wrong it. a little pricy, but worth it. when i went to egypt my cairo lonley planet was my BIBLE

you might want to check out rough guide aswell. they're good.

Posted by noodle on Mar 08, 2005
thanks for the recommendations all....i knew you had told me that one Paul but I couldn't remember what you said

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 08, 2005
I have a pocket book/map of Edinburgh you can borrow if you want, if you are in Hanover before you go over there.

mmm hmmm
Posted by Katie on Mar 08, 2005
I triple the Let's Go nomination...for the awesome cheapness.

But I have heard that Lonely Planet is a little better if you're willing to spend a few extra bucks on the places that you stay.

And while you can buy older versions of both usually much cheaper, your best bet is to fork out the extra $10-$20 and get the newest one. That way you won't be disappointed at all.

I also highly recommend Arthur's seat. And sitting at the bottom of Prince's Gardens. Oh! And the scary Poltergeist/Ghost walking tour.....that scared the shit out of me! It's the one that goes into a graveyard and tombs and stuff. Awesome.

And if you think you won't be scared then you're wrong.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 08, 2005
I think you want to avoid Frommers unless you have the bling bling.

I didn't do any of Katie's tour, but we did take a literary put crawl through Edinburgh. Basically, a couple of actors take you to a bunch of pubs, and you drink a point as they tell you about the history of literature in Edinburgh, which is more interesting than it sounds. Includes Dr. Jekly and Mr. Hyde for example.

Oh yeah, Katie's been to Scotland, and I've been to Dublin, so you can also use us as guides.

If you go to Dublin, you absolutely need to go to the old Irish jail where they kept all the prisoners. Kilhmonagaeal or something weird like that.

Switching Gears
Posted by mike on Mar 08, 2005
Since I know nothing about what you are talking about and therefore have nothing to add, I choose to switch gears here. It is kind of realted i suppose.

How do you go about getting a passport? How long is it good for?

It's pretty easy
Posted by phduffy on Mar 08, 2005
Just go to a travel agent somewhere and pick up an application form.

You'll have to get someone to notarize it. Dr.'s and lawyer's can do that... maybe even engineers actually.

Then take it to the passport office in Kitchener, hope it's a good day, wait about half an hour, and it's done.
Or, mail it in and I think you wait around 10 weeks.

They last 5 years (I think) then you need to go get a new one.

Posted by Katie on Mar 09, 2005
I also did the literary pub tour! We could have been at the same pubs, at totally different times.....AWESOME!

I preferred my scary walking tour. Less historical, more "shit your pants scary" scary.

cheap cheap cheap!
Posted by rockfaerie on Mar 11, 2005
i'm thinking we'll get the Let's Go... i'm cheap and want to go for the experience, not the loveliness of the bed i sleep in so nix on the Lonely Planet book... you guys are awesome by the way (nathan we are totally doing both tours!!!) i heart beer and i heart ghosts, wicked!