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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for May 12th 2005!

Posted by kristian on May 12, 2005
PAUL! Where the hell do you find these websites?!? Are yousome kind of man who wants to become both a horse and woman? Some kind of mare? What the hell, you pervert!?!

Posted by vivian on May 12, 2005
i think more disturbing than the latex vaginas is this:

it's a mensturation kit to go along with your fake wearable vagina.. basically a punctured dime bag filled with cold "blood" that "drips" out when your body temp. heats it up...



Posted by Miguel on May 12, 2005


Posted by mike on May 12, 2005
Can you imagine someone asking you what you do and you replying:

"I sew pubic hair onto latex vaginas which allow men to pretend to be women and sit down to pee without 'readjustment'."

I sure couldn't say that with a straight face.

Posted by vivian on May 13, 2005
that's awesome... i would die laughing if someone ever told me that was their job..

they have a reason on their site why they don't really suggest hairless vaginas... the pubes help hide wrinkles that form in the latex when they glue something onto the back.........