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Forum posts for George R. R. Martin

Two damn books
Posted by fanoom on May 30, 2005
Kind of feels like a Stephen King money grab by splitting up the books... But they are large novels.... Of course it will likely take him another two years to finish off a half finished book.

Posted by phduffy on May 30, 2005
won't be reading either of these books.
At least not yet.

I've decided to wait till it's all done, then read them all.

So I guess I've got about 8 years.

I've decided that for everything I read... no more starting series that aren't finished.

(Well, unless the series is open ended... like if it's just a series about the same characters, that's okay, but no long stories)

Posted by Nerhael on May 30, 2005
You talking about the green mile series Brandon? Where each book was like 100 pages or something I hear.

This one is slightly diff.. He just wrote too much, and it's physically problematic to bind a book that large. Or if not impossible, improbable due to lack of machine infrastructure to build them.

I do think it'll be shitty though if a lot of the good character's are in focus during this first book.

Posted by pudding on May 30, 2005
Since there is just so much story, I will probably have to (want to) re-read the first books so I remember what's going on.... but then in 2 years I'll have to do the same thing.

Perchance they can audio-book it as one story? Pete can you make it happen??

what won't be in there
Posted by fanoom on May 30, 2005
Well he said it himself, stories from the east and north will not be in it. So will that mean no Jon? I believe so, Arya goes without saying. Jeez and Brandon, that means the only Stark we'll have is the annoying ones, FUCK! At least there is Tyrion and Jamie to make things interesting.

And yes I was refering to the green mile which IS the hugest money grab I have ever seen. But I do realize that sheer size is forcing George to do this. However he sold me on the presto chango idea and I say we try to frankenstein the two books together at some point.

Posted by phduffy on May 31, 2005
I know that the Green Mile seems like a huge money grab, but I think he actually had a reason for doing it that way....
Fuck, I can't remember what it was.

he's experimented with distributions before... like, one book he was giving away on his website, and there was an optional donation button.

The deal was that as long as 75% of people who downloaded it donated money, it would stay up.

Course, it didnt' up end staying up.

Posted by Nerhael on May 31, 2005
For whatever reason, there is no cd version of his books. I looked up Game of Thrones, but it's only on cassette. So bleh.

I find that when you read the next book, even if it's been a while, a lot of stuff comes rushing back as you're suddenly trying to make sense of the book you're reading.