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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for August 17th 2005

this is obvious...
Posted by jessie on Aug 17, 2005
but here's my advice for today: go outside, it is fucking gorgeous out today.
We have had about two nice days this summer, and this is one of them!

Really, it's a patio day, so try to find one that isn't packed. good luck!

Posted by vivian on Aug 17, 2005
i almost wish i had a job that required leaving the apartment. almost.

i got to experience the nice weather today as i had to cross the street to do the laundry. then cross again to come home. then cross again to move to the dryer. then cross again to come home. then cross again to pick up the laundry. then cross again to come home.

I WASHED OUR RANK DISHTOWELS. aren't you proud jessie? hehe

Posted by Katie on Aug 18, 2005
go to see a play in an open air theatre, it's awesome.

At one point, Miguel didn't believe that the wonderful cricket and other related noises could be real. How easily we forget what being outside really sounds like (i.e., without all the noises of cars, people, etc.)

But, if you're going, make sure you get there early enough to get a good seat. We went to the theatre in High Park yesterday, were there 1 hour before the show, and barely had time to sit down before everything was completely packed. And we were sitting on the lawn, not in the seats!

And take a picnic. How lovely!