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Forum posts for Beslan

Posted by phduffy on Aug 31, 2005
Maybe they don't care about solving it, maybe they're just so full of anger that they want revenge.

Posted by jessie on Sep 01, 2005

I agree with Paul, I think they are completely full of anger and think there is no way to get results, so they use terror....

Nothing excuses the murdering of children, but to play the devils advocate, it is not as though this attack was unprovoked. Russia refuses to acknowledge Chechnya's independence, which they declared during the fall of communism in 1991. Since this time they have remained a republic of the Russian Federation.

They have been in conflict with Russian troops for fourteen years, and depending on who's figures you believe 20, 000 (world recognized stat) to 42, 000 (Chechen stat) children have been killed during this conflict.

So these guys wanted payback, plain and simple.
This whole area is right fucked up.

Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 01, 2005
I know it wasn't unprovoked, but everything is provoked by something right? It doesn't matter what happened first, it has to end somehow.

Do you think people will keep evolve out of revenge or is it in humans forever? Like intellect over instinct.

Posted by fanoom on Sep 01, 2005
It'll be in us forever. Because for every ONE person that knows you shouldn't take revenge on someone, there are FOUR that do not. And lets face it, those four will kill that one because of revenge at some point. Survival of the fittest, it isn't always for the best.

Of course revenge is usually caused by greed, and greed is in us all in some way.