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Forum posts for Uh oh .. Paul's birthday

Posted by phduffy on Sep 02, 2005
You know I can read this right?

Who authorized this?
Posted by mike on Sep 02, 2005
I specifically recall that we had a meeting about this very thing 2 weeks ago. I thought we decided Paul was no longer allowed to view the Wolfshack...

Yes upon further review I am correct... the minutes clearly indicate that a motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously. Paul is no longer allowed to view pages on the Wolfshack.

Unfortunately it was never discussed how we would prevent him from doing so... I suggest that we could block his access in some way... or we could just do something to his voicebox like we always do.

Posted by Miguel on Sep 02, 2005

To Mona on the purchase of an awesome new computer. Damn, that's pretty sweet!

Oh, and happy birthday to Paul Hodgson Duffy. Time flies and all that.

You rock Mona!