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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for September 14th 2005!

Posted by MDuffy on Sep 14, 2005
Everyone should watch this

This is a moving poem by the bigest pot head alive Woody Harrleson

Posted by kristian on Sep 14, 2005
I think your link is brings you to the original post on the Wolfshack.

I would like to add a very simple method of conserving water...don't leave the tap running while you brush your teeth. This is something I never understood, like the 2mL of water you will use to rinse needs to be ice cold. Just turn it on when you actually need it.

Also, if you are in the market for a new car, I would recommend diesel if it is an option (mostly just VW in the car market). I believe biodiesel will become more readily available in the upcoming years, which will be much cheaper than petroleum and better for the environment! Plus, I think diesel tends to be a little cheaper than regular fuel.

And thanks for the heart-felt rant Philipp. Sometimes people need to be reminded of these things.

Posted by MDuffy on Sep 14, 2005
O so sorry

Posted by fanoom on Sep 15, 2005
While I agree with you, Kristian, when it comes to fuel efficiency as of today the TDI's from VW are by far your best choice. Or if you can handle a smaller car still a Smart Car. Of course what you need to realize that the cost for these Diesels tend to be 2-3000 dollars more because of the harder materials needed to handle the combustion. ANYWAYS, while bio-diesel feels like the solve all right now it is currently just used in Heavy-Duty applications (tractors) and is ran in mixs 5-50% bio-diesel. And an untuned engine creates a horrible amount of toxins. PEOPLE ARE CHEAP AND DON'T TAKE THEIR CARS IN FOR REGULAR SERVICES. We're all guilty for this. This is why I feel that the only choice we have is for clean energy. Hydrogen fuel cells are just around the corner. Hell this motorcycle is going into production next year it's a beginning. Oh and it's supposed to retail for 6000 US, and they sell a hydrogen generator to create your own. This is the future, all we're doing by using diesel and gasoline and making it better is taking a step back to go ahead. It makes no sense. Did you know that a combustion engine only runs at 33% efficency? And that in the 70's the US government passed legislation to make auto manufacturers make more fuel efficient vehicles? they had a 30 year plan! Then our manufacturers (dodge more then the others) complained because they couldn't keep up with their deadlines... We're currently at 1992's projection. Go ahead and hate, I do.

Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 18, 2005
i'm getting pretty good at not using single serving size products,
no pudding cups for me! no take out cups or little pouches of hot chocolate mix.

does anyone know where you can take old computers to be recycled?

or... does anyone want to purchase a computer? 400MHz processor... 4GB hard drive... anyone... :Þ

Old PC
Posted by kristian on Sep 19, 2005
Try It's a Yahoo group (there are many local versions, I belong to the Halton group) where you can post the stuff you are trying to get rid of, and someone will come get it. The only catch is that it's free. You can also take other people's free stuff (the rules are you have to give something away before you can take something, but I think that just goes for the first time). I have been watching the postings and it seems that anything that is posted is taken pretty quickly, so that would be a good way to get rid of your PC.

Groups like freecycle reduce the amount of stuff that ends up in landfills.

reuse your water!
Posted by Katie on Sep 19, 2005
Here's another tip, but really only applicable to those of you who live in a house.

In an effort to reduce your water consumption, set up rain barrels! It collects all the water out of your eavestroughs when it rains which you can then save (as it is in a barrel) and use as needed.

Great for watering gardens, fill up a watering can and bring it indoors to water your plants, wash your car, or if you're one of those people who insists on washing their driveway (??) then I'm sure you could also use it for that.

It will also stop your lawn from eroding in the area of your downspout.

Rain barrels
Posted by kristian on Sep 21, 2005
I actually looked into rain barrels this spring...and they are God dmned expensive. I'm talking between $70-$120. So I thought, "Hey, that seems like a program my municipality would support, and maybe I can get one through them for cheap!" (this is usually the case for things like composters and recycling boxes). When I called the Town of Halton Hills and talked to someone who claimed to know something, he said that they conducted a study and that 2 rain barrels over the course of a season would save you approximately $7 worth of water. And hence they do not subsidize rain barrels. And hence I never bought one.

I dunno, just passing on what I heard.