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Forum posts for Results of the Poll

Posted by kristian on Oct 19, 2005
Comment # 1: I notice my name is NOT up there
Comment # 2: Paul, your best friend Niaomi Klein is up there pretty high
Comment # 3: Who the hell are all these people. Seriously, I knew like 3 names on there.

Posted by bryan on Oct 19, 2005
is fukuyama the guy who declared that history was over?

fuck that guy.


Posted by bryan on Oct 19, 2005
another post just to say that I don't know most of those people either.

He is the guy who declared the end of history. Which sounds dumb, until you frame it with his arguement that "history is done, more or less. All that's left is for the conflicting ideologies to duke it out. " Then it sounds dumber.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 19, 2005
People on the list I've heard of:

Chomski - not sure why I've heard of him

Eco - author. Wrote the name of the Rose, which is a movie Sean Connery was in.

Hitchens - some sort of weird british guy who writes on american politics, has been reffered to as a liberal, but is a hawk when it comes to the war. I've linked to some of his stuff before.

Krugman - left wing economist who writes for the NYT

Sen - Think he won a Nobel prize. I read about him while TAing a development class last year.

Jared Diamond - author. Wrote: Guns, Germs and Steel and it's followup whose name I forget.

Rushdie - author, wrote the Satanic Verses

Kelin - author/activist, wrote No Logo

Wolfowitz - head of the world bank, formerly one of the chieftains of the Iraq war

Pagila - famous feminist. Ask your moms about her.

Bernard Lewis - I think I should know him, but don't remember who he is.

Ignatieff - Isn't he a Canadian author?

That's it on the list. Lots at the top, no one at the bottom.
I imagine that's why the people at the top are at the top, because they're the most recognizable.

The bonus ball is easier:
Dalai Lama
Ralston Saul
Bono... wait. Who the fuck voted for Bono as the number one intelectual in the world? Give your head a shake. Number one amongst rockers maybe. (Although I bet Tom Morello and Zack De LaRoche (or however it's spelled) could probably give him a run for his money).

Posted by bryan on Oct 19, 2005
Chomsky wrote some books on linguistics that (from what I've heard) are so dry that they will suck the water from your spinal cord.

He is also one of the leaders of the "all american governments since the depression have been worse than the devil" school of thought. (my label, not theirs)

It's old news now, but I still suggest reading Manufacturing Consent, a book written some time ago that breaks down the radical left's opinion of the news media machine. It's the only one of his books I've been able to finish without falling asleep mid chapter, probably because he shares writing duties with some Herman dude whose first name I can't recall.

Fuck Bono.

Posted by kat* on Oct 20, 2005
bry, you speak the truth about chomsky and his writings in the field of linguistics. (did you hear that from me?). At times, he is incredibly brilliant, however I've found him to have tunnel vision. Think that transfers over to his other (political) work, although I'm not sure. Sometimes he's so fixated on his view and his arguments that he dismisses anything that may disprove or alter it, without due consideration.

that said, "manufacturing consent" also comes in video format, for those who choose not to read.

of note, Eco also dabbled in linguistics (as did Rushdie, and Steven Pinker -- if you want a primer to general or socio-linguistics that's intellingent and also relatively easy to read, Pinker's your man). oh, linguistics!


Posted by bryan on Oct 20, 2005
I think you missed the point katrina.

Fuck BONO!