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Forum posts for Guess what I have???

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 09, 2005
But.. shit.. this fucking thing is in bookstores????
Don't tell me "only in britian, I had it pre-ordered" or some bullshit....

If it is out I am gonna pick it up for my 12 hour ride to Korea.. should get me through in style....

Will my local retailer possess this piece of fine literature?

I offer my heart in allegiance
Posted by Miguel on Nov 09, 2005

Trevor, run don't walk to your nearest bookstore...(knowing canada, a chapters or indigo...YAY FOR CONSOLIDATION!)

It's there waiting for you in all its fantasy beardo goodness.

Posted by Palmer on Nov 09, 2005
I am intrigued. Tell me more about this series.

The man speaks the truth
Posted by Numinous on Nov 09, 2005
My God Miggy was right I too now hold it in my dirty little fingers..... thats two copies we have now.... LINE STARTS HERE PEOPLE!

Posted by jessie on Nov 09, 2005
i want to be the first in line!

i challenge you to a reading duel, and whoever finishes it first has the privilege of lending their copy to me! yea!