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Forum posts for Song Pick of the Week

Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2005
Not much to add, just wanted to say excellent job, as per the usual.

for you james..
Posted by krys on Nov 29, 2005
Just so you know.. Brandon and I were eating at KFC.. (i know i know) And we heard a guy talking about YOU.
He was using your comic book conventions to pick up a woman, she was sooo interested as he talked away explaining about your adventures with beautiful woman and tv/movie stars..
Brandon and I were so obviously eavesdropping, (I at least pretended that I wasn't) and then it just became too much and Brandon had to verify that the guy was indeed talking about you! Because he hadn't directly mentioned your name.. Just things like water bottle, the buffy cast, and the kicker living near maple leaf gardens..

So maybe you should go out talking about yourself in third person? A possible pick up tactic?

Apparently this guy.. (whom I believe looks like the intern undertaker from Six Feet Under) he worked with at Walmart?!?

You are some sort of Hanover superstar James.

Posted by James H> on Nov 30, 2005
My dreams of fame and fortune have finally come true - except for the fortune part. I think I will try that pick up technique. I could start wearing t-shirts printed with pictures of myself and cast members from Star Wars and Buffy too. The ladies dig that kind of thing right?

I think I might know who you're talking about. I worked with a guy named Tim Deyarmond at Walmart that fits the description. I believe he went to school with Sarah Jag and company. I'll have to find out who this girl was...


Oh yeah.....
Posted by James H> on Nov 30, 2005
Thanks Paul. Its good to know people are reading my ramblings. Writing this column is more work than I thought it would be. I don't know how you've managed 5+ posts a week for all this time. My hat is off to you.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 30, 2005
It's actually pretty easy James, I just don't worry about quality.