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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for November 29th 2005!

Posted by mike on Nov 29, 2005
Snakes on a plane?!

Why not:
Scorpions on a helicopter.
Africanized bees on a cruise ship.
Alligator in a bus.


They should make a movie about my experience on a drive home this summer. A bee flew in the window hit me in the chest and landed between my crotch and the seat at highway speed. It then proceeded to buzz very angrily as I had to maintain control of the vehicle with the primary consideration of not getting stung in the junk, and the secondary consideration of not getting my hand stung either. It was a harrowing adventure full of plot twists, high adrenaline, and the protagonist (me) triumphing over adversity. Mike 1, Bee -3 (getting killed seems like it should be negative points).

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 29, 2005
A: I look forward to trailers. "30,000...aboe the ocean, THERE'S SNAKES OUT HERE THIS BIG???????".

But really Mike, I think your'e on to something, a new movie genre of, 'When animals attack on mass transit!!"

Posted by Numinous on Nov 29, 2005
FACT: I will not sleep till this is out.

But wait
Posted by Miguel on Nov 29, 2005
Don't forget the sequel

Snakes on a plane 2: PLANES ON A SNAKE!

Between this and AFROSAMURAI. Samuel L. Jackson has become my most favoritest person of all the time, even more than Superfly Jimmy Snuka and Luigi.