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Forum posts for Question for people who vote NDP

Posted by jessie on Dec 05, 2005
I WAS a proud NDP-er up until recently.... and I believe my motivation was my optimism for a cleaner, safer, healthier, and smarter society.....

The minority government situation is probably the goal for most NDP-ers. The Liberals are more likely to make deals with the NDP party then the conservative party, (or at least that's my opinion), thus they can thrust their agenda onto the liberals in return for support of the liberal agenda. A give take relationship with so much goodness for Canadian society...

Alas this never really happened, and I have come to realize the NDP are not very good at their job, and I believe Jack Layton may indeed be an idiot. For shame, they could have done so much more...

Posted by kat* on Dec 06, 2005
I would not identify myself as an NDP-er but I certainly have voted for the NDP.
In the past, when I have voted NDP it has been based on the candidate, and not on the party. I've found that often, NDP candidates are great at affecting change on a local level -- well, at least in the ridings that I've found myself living in -- but I've never been nuts about how that type of activism transfered to their provincial or federal platforms.

I can honestly say that my NDP vote has never been based on the strength of their (provincial or federal) policy or leadership :-)

I agree, jess, for shame, they could have done so much more...