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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for February 1st, 2006

Posted by kristian on Feb 01, 2006
Has Miguel ever told a lie about going to the strip club?

Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2006

The changing looks of Brad Pitt.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 01, 2006
Nice link Katie.
Do you really think Canada is going to back out of this?

It blows my mind that so many people know about what damage is being done but don't care or don't try to change their lifestyle.

Posted by mike on Feb 01, 2006
I'd say there is about a 95% chance that Canada will back out of Kyoto. Harper probably feels its part of his "mandate"... it was mentioned a lot during the campaign.

Saving the environment will costs big business a whole lot of profit. Big business doesn't like a reduction in profit and will therefore legitimately and/or spitefully cut a whole load of jobs to save money.

Everybody knows about the problem and wants to save the environment... except if it costs them money or their job (which is their source of money).

There are few politicians who would have the required balls to do anything meaningful toward the environment (lots will talk about it though). Whoever does it will be praised by history, but will likely be horribly hated in their own time.

It always comes back to money. Why are things screwed up now? Money. Why don't we fix things now? Money.

Interesting thought.
Posted by mike on Feb 01, 2006
This has little to do with anything, but...

There is a lot of debate about whether time travel is possible or not. A "proof" that it is not possible is said to involve the lack of evidence for anyone having ever come back in time from the future.

Weeellllll... what if there is nobody in the future to come back?

Posted by fanoom on Feb 01, 2006
Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM be the money....
Dolla dolla bill y'all, dolla bill.

Thank you Wu-Tang

I'm going to vomit.
Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 01, 2006
But Harper has a minority right... it seemed like all the other parties were interested in supporting the Kyoto Accord.

Greedy fucks, makes me violently ill. Must... channel... anger...

Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2006
I'm pretty sure that the Liberals weren't all that pleased with Kyoto. They might still go against it though, cause it's the Conservatives.

However, I suspect that even though the Bloc is pro-kyoto (actually, I'm only assuming that), it's not a major issue for them, but they'd probably be willing to trade it for something else.

Posted by jessie on Feb 01, 2006
Mike is right; it is totally all about money...

And I think the average person feels more than a little helpless, and tries to do what they can, i.e. recycle, plant trees, emails instead of memos.... things are slowly getting better though. I am also pretty sure that Canada will pull out of Kyoto...but I have become very pessimistic in my expectations from the government.

When we journeyed to Indianapolis for our fun wedding adventure, we discovered they don't even recycle beer bottles recycling of any sort, it brought a tear to my eye to have to throw beer bottles in the trash.

Something needs to be done, and I guess I am going to harass my MP until I get my way.

Laura have you ever seen The Corporation???

Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2006
Jim Harris of the Green Party had a quote I liked during the last election.
Talking about some traditional solutions to saving the environment and Kyoto, he said something to the effect of "Usually we're presented with a false dichotomy. Do you want your liver or do you want your job. Well, I kind of need my liver, and I kind of need my job"

Well we're talking about the Environment
Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2006
This is pretty interesting.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 02, 2006
Yeah, I found that through another site last week.

I was pretty disgusted with both parties involved.

They both chose to keep escalating the conflict in stupid shithead ways.

Posted by mike on Feb 02, 2006
Fuck. What is next? Newspaper articles about somones car door getting dented in a parking lot?

He shouldn't have thrown garbage into the street.
She shouldn't have thrown it back into his vehicle.
There was no good reason to get violent about any of it.
Shit happens... and it happens every single day.

I am stupider for having read that a few days ago.
I am dissapointed that this passes for news.
I am dissapointed that it was posted to the Wolfshack.
I am dissapointed that I even took the time to comment on it.


I"m sorry
Posted by phduffy on Feb 02, 2006
But that story is awesome. And interesting. Too bad MIke.

Personally, I don't really have a problem with her throwing the food back at him.
In fact, I think it's pretty much amazing. How many times have you wanted to tell someone to turn off their engine or something? Well, she had the balls to do it.

I'd say that the guy looks about 95% asshole, and her 5%. (I mean really, attacking a female bike messenger? Good job hero.)

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 02, 2006
No Jess, I haven't seen that movie, I'll rent it soon though. Then I will call you and rant a lot probably.

It's good that she had the balls to do something, but is that guy going to think twice about throwing food out the window next time?

Posted by jessie on Feb 02, 2006
nope..he is probably just going to hate bike couriers in the future... ahh cyclists and a pedestrian i could do away with both...

watch it, pedestrian
Posted by bryan on Feb 02, 2006
Next time i step in my car, or on your bike, you best watch out.