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Forum posts for Unexpected email last week

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 14, 2006
what the hell does it all mean?

what does he want... ?

and if he's looking for people against harper, i think he could find people much more violently opposed than we were...

strange fucking shit indeed...

in other news:

the video of British soldiers beating on Iraqi Teens..
not for the faint of heart.. looks painful as hell..
and get your speaker on for the play-by-play...

I don't know what it is .. but dude is getting some serious "satisfaction" from the proceedings....

Pinko Commie
Posted by bryan on Feb 14, 2006
Grow some balls, longhair. War is hell.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 14, 2006
It means that I've secretly been working for the NDP my whole time here, trying to grow my rep as an intelligent poster, so that when Harper got elected I could post a link to

I got it half right.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 16, 2006
Speaking of political websites, I thought Aaron had a good post about the future of the NDP

It's the second post, as of today.

I don't like the name Dippers for the NDP, but it seems to have stuck.

It means success!
Posted by Katie on Feb 16, 2006
Remember when there was all that crazy controversy about "total stranger" and nobody could figure out if the person was real or not?

(do I need to point out that I'm being sarcastic?)

In the end, there ARE total strangers checking this website. Which I believe at the time was considered the ultimate success.

Congratulations loyal Wolfshack readers and posters. Pat yourselves on the back. We matter.