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Forum posts for World of Wolfshack

Posted by Miguel on Mar 08, 2006
This was very pretty and nice.

However, if you are a furry, seek help....and seek it fast.

Posted by Palmer on Mar 09, 2006
This is t-shirt material!

I think we should look into all getting t-shirts made. Bulk price and all.

Posted by kristian on Mar 09, 2006
Although I do agree that this is fantastic, I think us all having matching T-shirts is insanely geeky.

I am a geek though....maybe....

Posted by Palmer on Mar 09, 2006
What's the matter? Are you too GOOD to have a matching Wolfshack shirt?

I'm going to make one up that says "I Post on the Wolfshack" and it'll have a giant wolf paw print.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 10, 2006
Palmer, I would love to have that shirt..

I think > Cafe Express /a> lets you customize shirts...

Posted by Palmer on Mar 10, 2006
Guys, it doesn't cost much to make your t-shirts. I make a few every year for the cottage party.

Anyhow, pick yourself up a t-shirt from Zellers (or for the ladies - Reitmans). Not one of those cheap undershirts. That was my first attempt. Not cool.

Anyhow, then pick up some iron on transfers from some stationery store.

Then create whatever you want on the shirt in a word processor, flip the document (mirror image style) and print it off on the transfer.

Voila! Iron that sucker on!

ONe day I will recount the tale of the first time I did this in my office and I have a little mini sweat shop going on.

Palmer palmer palmer....
Posted by Miguel on Mar 10, 2006
I think you meant to say, pick a t-shirt from American Apparel.

Wait....I dont even work for them anymore.

Posted by Palmer on Mar 13, 2006
Miguel is right...if you want some cheap shirts, go to American Apparel.

And pick up Vice.