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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for April 16, 2006

how could you??
Posted by fanoom on Apr 17, 2006
eXistenZ is a awesome movie, how could you give advice not to watch it? Just because it is anti-video game, while being a video game inside another video game. Okay, so it's a little far fetched but come on, what do you expect from David Cronenberg.

Just so you know, you should watch A History of Violence, directed by one David Cronenberg. You won't be disappointed.

Um, yeah
Posted by kristian on Apr 17, 2006
I'm gunna have to go ahead and disagree that History of Violence is a good movie. It is violent, I will give it that. The killing and sex scenes are very graphic and there is some random FFN (full frontal nudity) but I thought it was pretty weak...especially the ending. And the characters all looked greasy. And I don't mean that they looked like they were up to something, I literally mean they look like they hadn't showered for a few days.

No comment on the other flick.

Posted by Thrillhouse on Apr 17, 2006
The reason why I advise not to watch this movie isn't because it's anti-video game, or because it's far-fetched, I just thought it was a really bad movie. Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Lee acted really badly (especially, ESPECIALLY, Jennifer Jason Lee), the potentially interesting idea of a video-game in a video-game (and maybe in a video-game) and the questions that arise about reality were completely ruined by their acting, silly dialogue, poorly sequenced and edited scenes, and even sillier gross-out visuals such as when Jude Law sticks his tongue in her bio-port. Why David Cronenberg? Why? Ridiculous. Of course, I am just but one man, but those are my reasons.
I'm Dick Smyth.

Various Facts
Posted by mike on Apr 17, 2006
A History of Violence is good.

eXistenZ is spelled stupid.

Posted by cosmicfish on Apr 17, 2006
I'll second that, (or third it?) A History of Violence is good. I liked eXistenZ too, but I watched it a long time ago, and might have been high.

David Cronenberg is great, he is well respected in his industry and didn't have to move to Hollywood to do it.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 18, 2006
If I ever bothered to finish my top 10 movies of the year, history of violence would be a full-on Number #1.

It is amazing, there are scenes in there where you want to laugh, but then you stop and say...."whoa I really shouldnt be laughing here, dammit Cronenberg you got some ultra violence in my comedy and ......wait this is delicious!" and William Hurt....OMG William Hurt was beyond incredible in that movie.

ExistenZ is also pretty fact Cronenberg can do no wrong... you prefer your cerebral videogame horror to be "Stay Alive?"


Now that I think about it
Posted by Miguel on Apr 18, 2006
Another one of your hated movies is Hustle & Flow, my second favorite movie of last year.....clearly you and I could never be lovers. It's a shame, we could have made beautiful half-portuguese babies.