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Forum posts for The Walrus

Posted by Miguel on Jun 01, 2006
I like The New Yorker, The Economist and Harper's better for that sort of stuff....but then again they are not Canadian.

So what's my point again? Does anybody still read Maxim?

Posted by phduffy on Jun 01, 2006
I picked up the Walrus when it first came out (the sister of someone I know was working for it) and it's a pretty solid magazine, and it's nice that it gives you a Canadian perspective.

Unfortunately, they're trying to follow the path to being the Canadian version of the New Yorker a little too closely for me. The New Yorker looks like it has some interesting articles, but is full of fiction that I have no interest in. Walrus has also started loading up on the fiction lately.

If I were going to subscribe to a magazine it would probably be Wired, with Business 2.0 in second.

Posted by Miguel on Jun 01, 2006

So what magazines do wolfshack readers subscribe to or purchase regularly?

I'll go first!

Toronto Life
LCBO Food and Drink

Ummm that's it really.....if I had unlimited money and time though I would get:

The Economist
The New Yorker
Play ( videogames)

Fiction in new yorker
Posted by Nerhael on Jun 01, 2006
It has a single short story.

that's it.

The rest is articles or reviews of books/movies/theatre etc.

From what I've seen of the walrus, it typically seem to have way more fiction, with 2-3 pieces per issue.

New yorker will put out a more fiction heavy issue once a quarter or so I think though, but even then, you're talking about 3-4 pieces maybe, but all the regular stuff would still bein that issue.

Magazines I wish I had the time to digest:

The New Yorker
Wired (If they could take out all the bullshit fluff articles)

Probably a lot more, but knowledge/time doesn't seem to allow for even the new yorker right now.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jun 01, 2006
National Geographic
Vogue (I fucking love high fashion)
Computer Arts