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Forum posts for GENPETS

Posted by bryan on Jun 16, 2006
thank you.

Posted by fanoom on Jun 16, 2006
You know, having a pet that only lasts a year is a good thing, I know I've had my dog for a few years now... Sometimes I wish she'd just die. However, having a pet that looks half human/half dog is a little creepy. Okay not a little alot.

Posted by phduffy on Jun 16, 2006
That's alot of work to go through for some internet spoof.

Posted by crux on Jun 16, 2006
Yah, that's kind of why I posted it Paul. I can really appreciate the effort and hours that must have been put into that which serves next to no purpose at all. It reminds me of my job more than just a little bit.

Posted by mike on Jun 16, 2006
I wonder if it does serve a purpose though.

I don't know a whole lot about copyright and intellectual property and all that, but is the website not kind of like reserving the right to make that shit?

X-Files stylez beotch!
Posted by fanoom on Jun 16, 2006
Well, I like to live outside of reality. This shit is real, they're actually tiny alien's that they're selling as pets, the alien's lure you in with their cute nature (???) then when you're not looking body swap your ass. you live out the rest of you existance in a body that will only last a predetermined amount of time. RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!


They went to all this trouble to prove a point that genetic engineering should never happen because then we will not take life seriously. Hell, I hate to say it but playing GOD is wrong. If we can ever determine a life span of living being woe to the universe. In our short existance we've managed to pretty much destroy a paradise. Imagine what we could achieve if our greatest minds were granted years beyond comprehension... A glimpse into a future where great things could happen, and worse things...

Yes Mike...that's exactly what that webs
Posted by Miguel on Jun 16, 2006
I hereby declare on this website in the Day Of Our Lord the 12th of June 2006 that I hold the patent to this here invention:'s%20Moving%20Castle%20Picture%

Its a magical castle powered by steam and the love of a beautiful girl. If anyone comes up with it first they better pay up cuse I have the patent right here in cyberspace.

I mean this castle
Posted by Miguel on Jun 16, 2006


Or maybe this one.
Posted by Miguel on Jun 16, 2006

And yes, I'm well aware my joke is now r
Posted by Miguel on Jun 16, 2006
Thank you copy and paste function.

Posted by corncobrob on Jun 17, 2006
My cats breath smells like cat food

Posted by corncobrob on Jun 17, 2006
My cats breath smells like cat food