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Forum posts for Canada Day

Posted by fanoom on Jun 22, 2006
I do not know. I don't even know if anyone is traveling to Hanover for the long weekend. Perhaps we should begin making plans since it's less then a week away. What's everyones stance on travel/plans? I was thinking about taking over my parents lake property for a good ole fashioned get blitzed and pass out party.
Baseball or Road HOckey can easily happen.

So I guess we need to hear from others

Posted by krys on Jun 22, 2006
I was thinking a party out at the lake would be good times.. I was even thinking we should get a keg!
Anybody interested? Anybody coming to the H town?
I am pretty sure that Trevor isn't coming, BUT if he is we could shoot him with Roman Candles!

Fun with chainsaws.
Posted by mike on Jun 22, 2006
I'll be in Hanover.
I am interested in drinking. I am interested in canoeing... but as I recall it can also be a pain in the ass where logistics are concerned.
Maybe we could lash some logs together and float around on the lake.

Posted by crux on Jun 23, 2006
As far as I know I'm going to be coming to Hanover on the 30th, but not until the evening. I think I have a family thing during the afternoon of the 1st, but my evening would probably be free if there was drinking to be done. I'm not really sure how I'm getting back to Toronto yet, but that's something to worry about on Sunday or Monday.

Going to algonquin
Posted by pudding on Jun 24, 2006

I won't be around on the long weekend as I am going "real camping" in Algonquin with a kickass greek chick i am dating.

So if I dont come back then you guys can divy up my stuff.


Posted by fanoom on Jun 27, 2006
Bring your airsoft guns, and we can go and shoot each other in the woods. Maybe someone will lose an eye!