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Forum posts for Driving Etiquette Questions

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 14, 2006
I am personally at the end of my rope with respect to other drivers.

I drive 40km one way on the QEW twice a day to get to work.

I'd say roughly 50% of the people on the road should have their license revoked, if not more. I don't think people should be given a license to drive as easily as they are handed out.

I constantly pass people on the right now, as I'm tired of the fucking "middle lane" mentality that seems to be pervasive in this province. People apparently are embarassed to be caught in the right lane, I don't know. It doesn't make sense.

People should be driving in the right most lane based on their speed and what's impeding their progress, and yet, I can pass 20-40 cars at a time using the right most lane some nights because people just refuse to drive in it.

If the person ahead of you is going slower than you yourself are going, and there is ample space in the lane to the right, I typically get up close to them to allow them a chance to recognize they're in my way, (this is dependent on their being no one in front of them in case they need to brake suddenly), or flash my high beams at them. 90% of the time, I then count to 5 slowly and pass them on the right cause they don't move.

Lack of signalling also pisses me right the fuck off. And not even just not signalling, but people that signal AS they change lanes. Like...there is seriously no point to that. You signal, pause, then change lanes.

A curious thing I've noticed, is that sometimes, people with absolutely nothing in front of them, when no where near an off ramp.... WILL START BRAKING. WTF ARE YOU BREAKING FOR SUDDENLY FOR NO GOD DAMNED REASON!??!?!!1111

I get fucking crazy about bad drivers, and hope I seldom cause this in others.


A difference of opinion
Posted by kristian on Jul 14, 2006
I myself am a fairly novice driver, and I recognize that. I am very patient with people because not that long ago (or still) I made that same mistake. I am also the 10% of people that drive in the far right lane, sometimes when I am feeling wild I will pass in the middle lane.

Tom, however, is the complete opposite. He honks and swears at a moments notice. I have seen him perform the following aggresive moves:
1. Aggresively pass someone that cut him off while making the "drinky drinky" sign
2. Drive with his knees while he gives the double finger
3. The extended horn while riding someone's ass

Most of these are carried out when someone cuts him off, which apparently really upsets him. I think that his aggresive reactions will eventually result in more traffic accidents and possibly an embolism for him.

My vote in this particular situation...pass on the right, no question.

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 14, 2006
It's weird...but I can barely use my horn in situations that genuinely warrant it.

I think it's cause people use them too often when they shouldn't, and it annoys the hell out of me, and I never want to be perceived as honking my horn for no reason.

I recently had a guy almost back into me, and rather than honk my horn, I threw the car into reverse and backed up 5-10 feet.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jul 14, 2006
You both need to live closer to work or something or the stress will take years off your life.

2.20462 = 1/.452592
Posted by mike on Jul 14, 2006
I used to liek driving. No so much anymore...

Definitely pass on the right. Just be like 3 times a careful when you are doing it.

Signalling is so easy. SO EASY. Look int the mirror, if it seems clear engage the signal. Look at your blind spot and ensure ample space is available for your vehicle which provides an appropriate delay before changing lanes. Change lanes and MAKE SURE YOUR BLINKER IS OFF!
I took the 401 to work this morning and a van moved from the middle into the right lane for passing purposes enen though the left was clear. Then the person proceeded to leave their right blinker on for 2 minutes before changing all the way to the left lane while continuing to signal right. I was both amused and dismayed..

I also can't get on board with the horn. I can think of la few times I should have used it. The thing that really pisses me off is when someone driving with you honks your horn. This has happened to me twice! I am in control of the god damned vehicle so keep your hands away from the wheel!
I was also amused a while ago while I was sitting in traffic. Interestingly enough it was because the cops stopped an aterial roadway to allow a 15 minute procession of bikers cross. It wasn'tmuch fun and people were gettign pretty pissed. Someone behind me honked their horn. Some dude in front and one lane over from me apparently thought it was me. He then stared at me, spewed some kind of what I assume was profanity , and started giving me the finger with some arm pumping emphasis. I laughed and laughed... I don't think he got the joke.