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Forum posts for Dogshit taco spam face melter

Posted by crux on Aug 11, 2006
From: []
Subject: Bills stressing you out? consolidate for lower payments

Dear Home Owner,

Your cr. rating doesn't matter to us! If you OWN real estate and want IMMEDIATE capital to spend ANY way you like, or simply wish to DECREASE your monthly payments by a third or more, Simply fill out this one-minute form for an instant quote...

Don't worry about approval, your cr. rating will not disqualify you as we specialize in all kinds of cr. ratings!


Myra Mcfadden
Approval Manager

Riddle of the day:

amsterdam may collusion see answer try confer not
define may dimethyl a angora see chrome in
cistern may adolph or dolomite or barnhard on
autocracy it anaplasmosis the alex it baylor be
bluff be chi see allied some cooley try
curtail it boutique and acoustic a beefy see

$5 or a beer to anyone who can provide me with an answer to that "riddle" that actually makes sense.

Girls Gone Wild
Posted by phduffy on Aug 11, 2006
Interesting article about that.,0,2664370.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Very estimate indeed
Posted by James H> on Aug 18, 2006
From: Teona
Date: Jul 29, 2006 1:04 PM
Subject: Hello my new friend!

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decided to write to you. My name is Teona.
I am from city of Kazan, which located in Russia. I have finished local
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kind and very sociable girl. I am very
Economic also are capable to be prepared well. I do not know why the Russian men
Do not notice it. I also could not find love in Russia. I never was
Married and I have no any children. I am lonely. Now I want to find
Love through the Internet. I am just as all girls, want to have
The house, family and children. I am very estimate qualities
People and their attitudes. If you want to find out about me more and to
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