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Forum posts for Request for Advice of the Day, August 29th

TIFF advice
Posted by James H> on Aug 30, 2006
In my opinion your best shot at getting a photo with a celebrity is to catch them when there is the smallest crowd present. During the film festival there is usually a good size crowd waiting for the stars to arrive at the screenings. You're better off trying to meet them on their way out. Some of the guests stay for the full film while others only stay for the introduction though, so timing can be tricky. Occasionally I'll ask the star's handler how long they will be staying for if I'm there for the arrivals. Depending on the venue, the staff sometimes use a back entrance to escort the stars out as well. Its usually a good idea to scope out the theatre while you're waiting for the film to end (look for the limos). There are also lots of fancy parties happening during the festival which provide another opportunity to catch celebs.

When meeting a celebrity, the best advice I can give is to horribly mispronounce their name. It really gets their attention. Seriously though, most stars don't mind posing for a photo if you ask nicely. It doesn't hurt to compliment an actor on their work too. If you're going to mention a film of theirs though, try to stick to something relatively current. If you tell Brad Pitt he was great in Cool World, for example, that kind of implies you haven't seen any of his films since or you don't think he was very good in anything he's done since then. That's about it. Happy hunting.

Oh yeah, I call dibs on Rachel Bilson. Dibs.

Horribly off topic but....
Posted by Miguel on Aug 30, 2006

James, I don't know if you got my email, but we're starting up a dodgeball league, are you in?

Posted by weberm1 on Sep 01, 2006
Dodge Ball! That's AWESOME. i think my soccer team is looking into that for winter. if it's the same league you're in, Miguel, we'll have to school you!

Posted by Miguel on Sep 01, 2006
Your time is nigh.......say your prayers, make your dues, sign your wills and say your prayers.

Can you handle

THE BALLIGARCHY ? (team name still in discussion)

We are coming.

Posted by weberm1 on Sep 02, 2006
well, looks like the team isn't going to happen. so, the schooling will have to wait for something else?

what league is it for anyway? and cost? if you are ever short players and need some sort of female ringer, i'm in!