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Forum posts for What cookbooks does chef school require you to own?

Posted by phduffy on Sep 27, 2006
Oops. That looks like crap, sorry about that.

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 27, 2006
How the hell did you post them like that?

Posted by phduffy on Sep 27, 2006
I posted this list in another forum, and they've got buttons set up for the posting of links. So I used those, and cut and paste it here.

And I thought I'd done that before and it had worked, but apparently not.

Posted by Katie on Sep 28, 2006
That's amazing Matt! Stratford is a great school, I've worked with quite a few chef's who trained there and they've all thoroughly enjoyed it, more so than George Brown or other similar schools.

For those not in the know, at Stratford you get to learn in a slightly more hand's on way, learning and working in restaurants. Different approach from the classroom teaching of other school's, and a very well regarded Canadian chef school.

Posted by Katie on Sep 28, 2006
and who knows, I may be wrong about what makes Stratford different. But that is my recollection.