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Forum posts for Calling all ladies

Posted by Miguel on Sep 28, 2006
"Pimponeta a pita pita pitucha PLIM!"


"Em cima do luambo a um copo com veneno quem bebeu MORREU!"

But thats in portuguese so not really much help at all.

what the heck?
Posted by Katie on Sep 28, 2006
Can you translate that second one into english please?

Cause I'm a little worried you skipped to songs about babies dying.

No not babies dying
Posted by Miguel on Sep 28, 2006
"On top of luambo (a mountain in angola) there is a glass with poison, whoever drank it died!"

We would never skip to babies dying.

Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 28, 2006
Apples, peaches, pears and plums,
Jump right out when your birthday comes,
January, February, March...

We also did one where each person had to say the alphabet two letters at a time and run around the people turning the rope. Did that make sense?

Can't remember any others...