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Forum posts for Myspace Rap

Posted by James H> on Oct 25, 2006
My main reason for signing up with Myspace was the number of bands that use the site. Most groups are on Myspace now and a lot of them update their Myspace page more than their own websites. Beyond bands there are plenty of comedians, actors, etc. on Myspace. Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on the Office, posts weekly blogs with behind the scenes info for each episode of the show. Kevin Smith has posted blogs on nose picking, anal sex and plenty of other amusing topics. The friends of Clerks II actually got their names in the credits of the movie.

I'm not sure why Myspace has grown so rapidly but everyone wants in on it now and the Myspace people seem keen to cater to any group or individual that wants in. They have sections for Filmmakers, Music, Books, Comedy, Jobs, Classifieds, TV on Demand, etc. Its good stuff. My Myspace membership even got me in to a free screening of the Borat movie.

who's space?
Posted by bryan on Oct 25, 2006
free place to host music, used by a lot of the people that listen to/make music. Great place to spread rumours about your friends.

second search result for Bryan Poetz, from google:

I heard that Bryan Poetz got AIDS from Karla Homolka.

my legend grows with each passing moment.