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Forum posts for Stephane Dion, Politics, the LIberal Party... all that stuff

Posted by Miguel on Dec 13, 2006
Can't come soon enough,

My city is withering away from a huge lack of funds while the federal government sits on huge surpluses, and Harper hates Toronto. THat's not to say that the previous Liberal government was overly generous....but at least the relationship was better.

Plus, the issues I really care about like public transit, development issues and environmental issues are issues that Dion is supposedly quite sympathetic to.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 13, 2006
Intersting. Do you think that this is any different than it was under the previous Liberal governments? I mean, the Conservatives haven't cut any funding to cities have they? Yeah, maybe Miller and Martin/Chretein got along better, but were the results any different? (And did they even get along any better?)

I was reading yesterday, and I believe the stat I saw was that 86% of Canada's population is urban. I wish I remembered where I read that. So you'd think that urban issues would get more play.

I actually think Harper's positioned himself pretty well for the next election, which will probably end up being this spring or fall. He's been in power for almost a year, and none of his scary right-wing things have happened. So I don't think he's scared away anyone who voted for him before, and he may pick up some votes. Although he may have fucked himself in Quebec.

The recent bi-election in London was pretty interesting. The Liberal won, the Green Party came second, and the NDP and Conservatives were 3rd and 4th. The Green party took alot of votes from the NDP (to be fair, it was the Green leader running, but she's not from London). However, I think that Dion winning could be a very bad thing for the Green party, as he has a reputation, rightly or wrongly, of being very green.

Posted by Miguel on Dec 13, 2006
Yes, I remember reading some political analysts saying that this is a kind of liberal forecasting, looking at these results in London and extrapolating that the rest of Canada is really becoming attuned to environmental they get a "green" liberal candidate. NOw I don't know if this is just wishful thinking that will bite them in the ass, but here we are.

Harper did cut funding to all sorts of environmental research and certain social departments like the status of women committee. But im sure the liberals did cuts like that as well. Harpers government is also REALLY weird about global warming, censoring any kind of government research that concludes that global warming is propagated by man made causes.

The GST tax cut is useless, and actually kind of insulting. And I like the liberals child care plan better than the stupid tax credit idea....which is another annoying thing about harpers government, they love stupid fucking tax credits.

To me, the federal-municipal relationship wasnt great when martin was around, but its definitely worse now.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 13, 2006
Yeah, I'll be very curious as to how the Green party does the next election and how much people believe that Dion is green.

I knoew about the status of women and stuff, I just wasn't really sure how that affected municipalities. I guess it would affect them more than anywhere else though.

Why is the GST cut insulting? I can see disagreeing with it (i think I said before that an income tax cut would make more sense), but insulting seems like strong language. Hm... well, it is kind of insulting that they raised personal income taxes when they cut the GST, then claimed that they were holding income taxes steady. Okay, I'm with you! :)

Check out this story about Stockwell Day:

Posted by Miguel on Dec 13, 2006
It doesn't really affect municipalities in any way, it's just an example of how some "right-wingy" things have been happening on his watch.

The GST cut is insulting because its populist pandering of the lowest sort.....and it's inept pandering because I would like to think that most Canadians realize that the GST cut is a stupid, useless idea and will not award the conservative any political points for it.

I just hate it when they trot it out as a major achievement.

have you checked out boy Wudricks blog recently? And his epic battle against the evil lefty Mathew Good. It makes for some highly entertaining reading.

I'm going to spoil the ending for you:

Both Wudrick and Mathew Good come off as blowhards and jerks.

Posted by Thrillhouse on Dec 14, 2006
The Globe and Mail website has just put up an article dealing with this stuff with polls and everything.

Apparently people do think Dion is green, even some Greens.

I'm willing to bet now that we'll have Prime Minister Dion after next election. Everything's turning up Liberal right now.