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Forum posts for Scantily clad celebrities!

Posted by jessie on Jan 12, 2007
this is kinda related, as it is a 'celebrity'

it makes me giggle so much....

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 12, 2007
She's actually dressed relatively conservatively compared to how she usually appears in pictures.

Also.... the comments on that are a

I will say however that I actually don't see it as being all that stupid. People only really do the bunny ear thing behind another person's head when a picture is being taken, she's doing it to herself, self mocking, or to be a 'bunny, either way, seems like an awfully weak pot shot at her. Especially when there is so, SOOO much more about the woman you could laugh at.

Posted by jessie on Jan 12, 2007
i didn't read the comments before!

i got to the second one and had to stop, people are mean! anywho, it just makes me giggle, that's all....

point taken though...

Posted by bryan on Jan 12, 2007
Two minutes hate makes a work-day easier to stomach, in my experience. Paris hilton has a dirty CELEBRITY SNATCH!

Posted by phduffy on Jan 15, 2007

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 15, 2007

Am I missing something? Where's her other leg? It looks like a bad photoshop job?

Posted by Miguel on Jan 15, 2007