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Forum posts for The Grizzly Suit guy strikes again

Posted by crux on Jan 15, 2007
"On Saturday, he plans to wear it to Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto and wait for the reporters."

Sadly this article is from January 11th which means we missed it. Seriously I would like to shake this man's hand for being so crazy and never giving up on being so crazy.

Also, that suit looks fucking sweet.

I'm stealing this post from another boar
Posted by phduffy on Jan 15, 2007
i figger 1 out of 10 guys is gay, so one of my kidz might could be gay. i really don’t got a problem with that. i got a problem with drugs and gangs. but i always been told that you are born gay and i can’t help how someone is born.

i was just curious about female “action figures” because usually i see small boys with male action figures. i asked my kid why he like grrrrls dolls and he sez because grrrls are pretty. and my daddy he is trippin over this and he say it is all my fault because i took da bull with me and my niece to see the nutcracker ballet (hey free tickets). her and me we didn’t like it much but da bull he was just staring and he was humming that music all the way home and then he wanted grrrrl dolls for dancing.

and i know all yall from Up There you got freezing weather most of the year but this is houston and down here freezing weather is anything under like 55 and everytime i let my kidz go out in the freezing they get sick. and they already been sick most of the winter and i don’t need no broke bones to go with the pneumonia they gonna get. and then they gonna give the pneumonias to their daddy and nothing more pathetic then a sick man. 200 pound big ol baby. and he already got RSV once and he don’t need to go getting it again.

and my kidz spend more time outside in the back yard then any other kidz i know. and they at the park during the weekend. not sitting inside like everyone else. so it is not like they don’t go out and play. just not on the ice.

and here everyone gotta wear helmets when they ride bikes - it is the law. you don’t like it YOU argue with the cops. so all they kids be wearing helmets. knee pads is for skateboards duh. and helmets is also for t-ball which my kidz gonna be starting this spring.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 15, 2007

Posted by bryan on Jan 15, 2007
the internet is a strange and wonderful place.

Posted by crux on Jan 15, 2007
I can't believe I read (and re-read most of) that entire thing actually expecting it to start making contextual sense at some point. Is he suggesting that his child wear the bear man's bulletproof suit for T-Ball? Just for a minute picture a bunch of tiny Robocop's in ball caps running around a baseball diamond.

Wasn't that fun?

Posted by phduffy on Jan 15, 2007
Okay, to clarify:

The thing I posted is not related to the bear man.

Someone suggested that this woman let her kids play in the snow. I guess it's snowing in Houston today. She also wanted to know if it mattered that her 3 year old son played with dolls.

She then responded as quoted.